Extract Water From The Air

We have contracted with American company (Ecoloblue), which owns the patent, and using the latest technology in the process of producing water from the air through manufactured generators of various sizes, from home and office generators to industrial and it have agencies all over the world.

Air Filter Condensing coils Nanometric Carbon Filter TUV UV-C 1 in bottom tank Sediment Filter Carbon filter 1 Carbon filter 2 RO Membrane Carbon filter 3 Mineral filter TUV UV-C 1 in tob tank TUV UV-C 1 when water came out from tob tank Molecular sieve The properties of Generators extracting water from the air Filtering system and water purification (99, 9 %) pure drinking water. recycling system and the generation and filtering water System adjustable to adjust the hot and cold water Safety system on the hot water control for children Filtering system for bacteria to ensure the flow of fresh air Super automatic safe shutdown system equipped with warning Screen data (screen) LCD, easy to use Inexhaustible source of water Home and office ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATORS Up to 30 Liters per day Power Supply:110v – 240v Watts Working Conditions: 0-45C Humidity: 35% – 90% Weight: 110lbs Hot and cold water Available in three different color INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATORS ECOLOBLUE 250 Production Capacity: 250L per day (30ºC/80%HR) Energy Required: 0.5KWh/liter Weight: 320Kg ECOLOBLUE 550 Production Capacity: 550L per day (30ºC/80%HR) Energy Required: 0.48KWh/liter Weight: 450Kg ECOLOBLUE 1000 Production Capacity: 1000L per day (30ºC/80%HR) Energy Required: 0.64KWh/liter Weight: 600Kg ECOLOBLUE 3000 Production Capacity: 250L per day (30ºC/80%HR) Energy Required: 0.64KWh/liter Weight: 2200Kg ECOLOBLUE 7000 Production Capacity: 7000L per day (30ºC/80%HR) Energy Required: 0.56KWh/liter Weight: 3200Kg Plant to extract water from the airWe can build a plant for the production of water from the air by up to hundreds of thousands of gallons of this renewable resource, which is inexhaustible and the water in the air much more than the water in the ground and in the sea. For more information about the project please Click here

Category: Machinery
Author: Islands Auto
Client: Ecoloblue
Date: September 5, 2019