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Islands Group of Companies is a 100% national company ,where the group has expertise in all areas of trade and technical, military and civil. Islands Group founded in 2011 ,where we are working to build strategic partnerships with international companies in the field of civil, military, security and industrial technologies.

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Islands Auto & Heavy Equipment Spare Parts Trading is a national company and major agent of many organizations in both defense and civilian fields. Islands Auto specialized in the field of re-manufacturing and spare parts supply to our clients.

Business name: Islands Auto & Heavy Equipment Spare Parts Trading
Commercial License Number: CN-1238042
Date established: 25/07/2011
Business location: Building No.1, Block No.77, Sector: M 13, Mussafah Industrial Area, P.O Box No. 42103, Abu Dhabi – UAE
Business owner: Colonel Ret. Engineer /Mr. Salem Mubarak Najem Saeed Aljneibi

Major General (Pilot) Ret. Engineer / Muhair Ali Al-Khattari.
Colonel Ret. Engineer / Salem Mubarak Al-Jneibi.
Dr. Engineer/ Mod. Jamsheed Alam.

Our staff consists of a distinguished group of engineers specializing in mechanical and electrical engineering with accumulated experience in reverse engineering, re-manufacturing, fault diagnosis (repair the product and returns to its original state).

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